Tree Maintenance Safety & Certifications

Getting the best price on your tree maintenance work seems like good common sense. But using this criterion to make your decision may actually lead to additional costs and aggravation. Results of poorly performed tree removal work may only become evident many years down the road, most likely after the original vendor is no longer around.

Running a tree removal business on slim margins means that some companies are willing to put themselves and their customers at risk. Before going ahead with any work, ensure that the company you are considering is registered, accredited, and holds appropriate coverage. According to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB) if the business you hire is not registered or not making its payments, you could be liable for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed on your behalf. That’s why you should always ensure the company you hire has appropriate coverage.

At Custom Tree Service we meet and often exceed all commercial health and safety standards. We are fully licensed and insured at commercial levels which give added security for our residential clients. Call us to arrange your free estimate – 519 359 9876

Tree Maintenance & Removal Equipment

We have invested in a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment that will ensure timely completion of each job. Having the right tree removal and maintenance equipment for the job ensures flexibility and comprehensive solutions.

Both of our fully certified bucket trucks are ready for all types of tree maintenance and removal services, we can readily respond to emergency calls.

With our 8 ton Pittman crane we can also handle large and hard to reach trees safely and efficiently.

Our dump trucks, wood chippers and well maintained fleet are at your disposal!

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